Monday, June 8, 2015

Custom Salesforce Round Robin Incidents Assignment Routine for BMC Remedyforce

Salesforce Round Robin Assignment Routine for BMC Remedyforce was built for companies wanting to automatically distribute and assign incoming Incidents to the Members of different Support Teams (Groups) depending on Incident creation time and Group's Time Zone.

We have multiple Assignment Routine implementations for different businesses who use BMC Remedyforce and Salesfroce. Armed with multiple extra features Round Robin Incidents Assignment Routine for BMC Remedyforce works extremely well and deserved great references.

For instance please take a look at this reference - shared by our client who we recently helped with the RemedyForce Round Robin customization:

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or wish to add this extremely useful functionality to your Salesforce with Remedyforce instance. We'll happy to reply with answers, licensing options and pricing details.

Round Robin for BMC Remedyforce
Most important Functional Features:

- "Assignment Groups" Tab (Console) to manage multiple Groups of Users involved in "Round Robin" assignment routine and monitor their current indicators such as Time Zone, Assignment Score, Status, etc.
- Capability to enable/disable particular Group(s) from round robin cycle
- Capability to assign Members to Groups based on Shifts ("Assignment Time Frame" feature)
- Capability to activate/deactivate Group's Members from round robin cycle if the Member is sick or on vacation
- Potential capability for Members to "check out/check in" from/to round robin cycle ("Self Management" feature)
- Capability to set Share for each Member in the Group - as a % of the total records received from assignment Queue during the day ("Not Equal Share" feature)
- Reporting capabilities to help manager to track Round Robin Assignment statistics

Other Details:
- 100% Native SFDC Application. Means no servers or outside services required.
- Supports following Editions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer
- Instant processing time, no assignment delays

Solution functionality could be amended and enhanced to meet additional particular business requirements. Here are few possible scenarios:
- "Day time" Group(s) to handle the normal working day Incidents and "on call" Group for off-hours support
- Assign Incidents to Group(s) designated to particular Incident Priority/Impact or any other set of custom criteria
- Auto login/logout Members from/to Round Robin cycle based on their login and log out time in Salesforce. So that they wouldn't receive Incidents if they are not actually working now.

1) Assignment Groups ConsoleAssignment Groups Console

2) Assignment Group layout
Assignment Group layout

 3) Group Member layout
Group Member layout

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